Behind the Scenes: Nora Gray

Staci Huey, owner of Nora Gray, took a moment to talk with us about her business, her eclectic style and the historic building that houses her shop.  One of her awesome products (we can't tell you yet!) will be featured in our November box and we couldn't be more excited to work with her!

Tell us a little about your business. 
Nora Gray is a trio of thrifters, bargain hunters, salvagers, trendsetters, and free spirits who are happiest when we’re busy creating something. Nora Gray is a place where all the things we love come together: our eponymous line of baby blankets, moccasins and infinity scarves, our custom-built furniture pieces, and a bevy of women and children’s clothing and gift items. Everything we feature is made in the USA by us or by fellow artisans and makers. 

How would you describe your style? 
Pretty eclectic. First off, I have a weak spot for anything handmade because I can appreciate the process that goes into creating something and love learning the stories behind handmade. I wouldn’t say I have a specific style at all. My theory is, if I am drawn to it, it fits! Some days I am feeling trendy, some days timeless, some days rustic, and some days bold. It just depends on my mood that day. In the end, it all seems to work and fall together! The important thing to remember is layering tones and textures. If you get that right, you can make anything fit together! 

One thing about running your own business that you didn’t anticipate. 
The practical side of business. I’m sure all creative people can relate! I always want to be brainstorming new products to make or different ways to display something, yet the Left-side of my brain reminds me about the piles of paperwork, emails, and to-dos that are waiting for me! It’s been a learning curve and I am training myself to carry out a more balanced work day. When creativity calls, I usually try to take advantage of that moment, and pencil in appointments with my Left brain on downtime or after-hours. 

Your shop is located in a renovated 19th century building. What is your favorite part of this historic building?
I love the history to my building, it’s something you’ll never get from new construction. Nora Gray has had many past lives including, a harness shop, a barber shop, and a shoe store. My favorite part of the shop is the architecture. The original brick walls, wooden plank ceiling, and rustic wooden floors are not perfect, but that is what gives it character and tells its story. We couldn’t resist adding our own personal touches—an aqua colored ceiling, iron pipe display racks and farmhouse lights give the space the Nora Gray charm. 

One place everyone must visit in their lifetime. 
The Schoodic Peninsula of Maine. We had the opportunity to vacation in Winter Harbor and it was an absolute best kept secret! Be sure to visit Acadia National Park and drive up to Cadillac Mountain to see the one-of-a- lifetime mountain views. 

Stranded on a desert island question… what is one thing you would want with you?
I would want a boat to get me off the island!