Behind the Scenes: Wild Juniper

Erin and Racheal, of Wild Juniper, are an inspiration to all girl bosses.  Their adorable tassel necklace was featured in our October box and they took some time to talk with us about how they got started, the struggles of entrepreneurship, and more!

Tell us a little about your business.
We make everyday chic accessories; jewelry and hair accessories. In 2011, we began this adventure with a passion to find beauty in everyone and everything. We have always had a fancying for creativity, design & style. Wild Juniper has grown in a pretty organic fashion. Our journey has taken us from working from each of our homes during babies' naps to the cutest little studio in the historic district of our town right on the edge of Kansas City.

We love that you design both women and children accessories. What made you decide to do both?
We started off making things for babies, but continued to be inspired at the thought of expanding our line to include women. We love doing both.

What’s a typical workday look like? 
Every day is different.  Right now we work from the studio 3 days a week and have our kids the other days.  We fill in on evenings and weekends when we can.  There are always lots of emails to answer; items to make; and orders to go out daily.  Each day we try to make a list of everything we think we can realistically get done in that time.  The biggest struggle we face in running a business is taking care of the tasks of the day versus investing energy in Wild Juniper’s future.  For example, ‘do we use today to contact potential retailers or work on designing a new piece for our upcoming collection?'

What was your dream job before your dream job found you?
Erin: “I always loved decorating and wanted to do something with interior design.”
Racheal: “It was a dream of mine to own a coffee shop!”

One thing you can’t live without. 
Coffee. It’s sort of the life and blood of wild juniper. :)

Your most memorable moment.
Our most memorable moments almost always start with us failing or someone telling us we can’t do something. Racheal and I had always hoped to start up a little business.  With lots of creative sessions and dreaming over coffee we decided to move forward.  In 2011, we both started sewing baby items for a fall craft show in our town.  We spent a good two months prepping for our show, which ended up being a catastrophic flop. Out of that failure, the little seed that was Wild Juniper kept growing online — and eventually in stores — into what it is today.