Behind the Scenes: CeeCee and Bee

CeeCee and Bee creates simple and pure apothecary goods.  Their Tub Tea was featured in our December Box and is the perfect way to unwind and warm up this winter season.  Charlene, co-founder, took time to chat with us about working alongside her sister, advice she'd give to other hopeful entrepreneurs and more!

You run CeeCee and Bee with your sister; what is your favorite part about working with your sibling?
My favorite part about running this business with my sister Debbie is that she keeps me grounded. She knows me better than anyone else. We can joke and play around, but at the end of the day she will be honest and tell me if I my ideas stink or be my biggest cheerleader when I might be doubting myself.

What product in your shop right now is your favorite?
Ohhh, that’s a hard one! My favorite changes so often, depending on my mood, what else is happening right then or what my skincare issues happen to be. Lately it’s been cold and my skin has been feeling extra dry. Right now I’m loving our Summer Nights Serum. I designed it to help reverse the effects of all the time we spend in the sun. But one of the main ingredients is Kukui nut oil which is very rich and thick. It moisturizes my skin and leaves a nice protective layer over my dry skin to keep it from drying out any more!

One piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s hoping to follow in your footsteps?
Take some time to figure out what you are passionate about. Then write down your goals – both short term (this month, this year) and long term (the life of the business). Create a visual with your goals and post it on a wall in your office or house. Once you have the knowledge of where you want to go, keep your eyes peeled for doors opening that might take you there.

Some words you live by?
What comes around goes around. Live with pure intentions and things will turn out for the best.

Favorite thing to do on a Saturday?
Movie night with the kids. We take turns picking the movie, usually have a pizza and pop popcorn. Then snuggle up on the sofa. I’m a movie lover so it’s fun to share that love with my kids and introduce them to all sorts of “classic” 80’s movies.