Behind the Scenes: Frankie and Coco PDX

Momtrepreneur, Maya Mori, runs a family of four and a successful business, Frankie and Coco PDX.  She tells us how she does it and how this blossoming accessory business all began below.  Her bold, modern design pouches were featured in our September box and boy were they a hit!  

Tell us a little about your business and why you started it.
I started my business just over two years ago. It was not the most practical time to begin, as we had a brand new baby and three other children. Despite this, I felt an overwhelming pull to bring art & creativity to my life, while still being practical and helping to support our family. As the child of an artist & a writer, I grew up in the midst of art, literature and music, and although it is really hectic at times, I am so grateful to surround my children with the same energy. Some of my fondest childhood memories are helping my stepfather in his art studio or taking naps underneath the piano during my mother's ballet classes.

How would you describe your style?   
My personal style is laid back and colorful. This is expressed in both my wardrobe and home and I love mixing eras to create my own unique look. I strive to create the same in my products...beautiful, yet functional pieces. I am inspired by bold color combinations, strong patterns & textures and enjoy the merging of modern & vintage elements to create a unique piece. I love textiles and look forward to expanding and creating my own in the future. 

You have four children and own your own business.  Wow!  For all our working mamas out there, how do you do it?
My greatest challenge is time. Balancing work and parenting four children can definitely be tricky. Luckily I have a really great husband (a designer and musician) and we just trade off responsibilities. In the long run, I feel that it is beneficial for our kids to see us achieving our goals and working hard. When my daughter was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she said, "Oh, I want to own my own business, just like you."

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?
In our down time, we all love to be outdoors. Portland is a great place to ride bikes and Forest Park has an endless supply of hikes. My husband and older son are musicians and it's great to go see them play! Our absolute favorite thing to do is eat, and PDX doesn't disappoint. Some of my favorites are Ned Ludd, Katchka and Pok Pok.