Behind the Scenes: Stephanie Holaday

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
I Studied Fashion Merchandising and worked for a few years after college as a distributor for a chain of clothing stores.  I found that corporate wasn’t for me so I went to work for a small business as an office manager.  I love my job, but need a creative outlet.  That is where scouting out vintage goods and making jewelry comes in.  Being a wife and mother of two (Stella is 12 and Dane is 7) with a full time job, time is my biggest challenge, but I make time for Girlythings73 because I love it so much.  In addition to occasionally being featured in subscription boxes and online pop-up shops, my jewelry is carried in a couple small boutiques here in the Indianapolis area.  I love supporting small business as much as I love handmade.

At what point did you know you wanted to turn your hobby into something more?
Years ago when online auctions became so popular I would look for vintage items for myself and then shortly after that it hit me “I can do this too.”  It was a great way to supplement my income while letting me search for treasures.  In 2007 I started my Etsy shop featuring vintage and it still is going strong today.  When my daughter got out of her toddler years, I started making jewelry pieces for her and myself with vintage findings. Then one day I was shopping in a local children’s boutique/toy store, went up to the owner and said “I make children’s jewelry and think I would be a good fit” I dropped off samples and my retail jewelry business was born.

What piece in your shop gets you especially excited?
Honestly I can’t think of one item, but the whole process excites me from start to finish.  I have always loved great packaging and I consider that the first step in the experience.  I love to come up with ways to present my pieces in a fun way, that is ever changing but with a girly, vintage feel.  When someone gushes about my presentation that makes me almost as happy as when I see someone wearing my pieces.

Stranded on a desert island question… what is one thing you would want with you?  Why?
Some type of mobile device (if it could get service and be charged) to keep up on loved ones and reality TV.

Advice you’d give to your younger self.
Not to worry so much and enjoy the moment